Thursday, November 17, 2011


LAST DAY AT PUTNEY!!!!111!!one!!

Music Theory first.

We had sing.
I recorded some of it.

Then I had Dance.


I gave the teacher a MVCDS scarf.
She was really nice.
One of my favourite teacher.

Kitchen Activity.


Then I spent ages packing and getting ready for the morning!
My roommates gave me little farewell presents.
I got a handmade Laotian paper box from Alonda.
And Mollie gave me her second ball of yarn.
Then I went to bed so I could get up early!
And that's all!
That's my time at Putney!
So goodbye and thanks for reading <3

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Today I got up and went to Precalc.
We just reviewed for a while
Everyone else took a quiz the next day, but I was still behind.
Then I had history.

Then I was free for a while so I went and took some pictures.

After dinner, I had orchestra.

Came back to the dorm and they were having a party!
They were making REALLY sweet chocolate suckers.
Most of us could only finish half of one.

We were all really hyper.
People were doing yoga and gymnastics in the hall.
I stayed up till midnight packing and talking to Peggy.
Then I ended up staying up till like 1.
Too much sugar.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Woke up this morning.
Aaaaand I just kept sleeping.
I slept through breakfast.
And Dance.

Then I had a free block.
I got up and used my time to shower and get ready for life.
Then I had precalc.

Kitchen Activity.
I talked with Zora and Yan again.
Zora asked me if they speak English in my hometown.

Then I had Orchestra sectionals.


I then had Celtic music.
The teacher is sooo nice.
She gave me a little whistle.
And we talked for a while about chords and stuff.
It was soo much fun.

Then I went back to my room and SLEPT.
Hard to believe I could sleep anymore than I already had.
But I did.

Monday, November 14, 2011


4 a.m.

I hear these annoying beeps in the hallway.
beep beep beep.

beep beep beep.

Almost every 10 seconds.
It was so annoying.
So I put my music in and went back to sleep.

4:30 a.m.



So we all rolled out of bed and trudged down to the library.
It was pitch black.
I sat and read some books Nicolas had suggested.
As I was sitting there, a mouse ran up the side of bookshelf.
There was nothing to hold onto and it slipped and plummeted.

Anyway, a little after 7 we got to go back.
It was something in the furnace.

I went to precalc, but Wing was late enough that we all got to leave.
So I went back to my room, but I couldn't fall asleep.
I just laid around for the hour.

Then there was a brief assembly.
I don't remember it.
I was so tired.

Which I also don't remember.

Music Theory.

I slept the day mostly.

I asked the yoga teacher if I could go back to my room and sleep.
He was fine with it.
Most of the girl's in his class were in our dorm.
One girl went to class that day.

I fell asleep at 4:30pm.
Slept through choir.
Slept through dinner.

Woke up at 8.

Stayed up for 3 hours and went back to sleep.

For lack of many funny pictures in this post:

Sunday, November 13, 2011


We left at 11am for Holyoke.
I went with Suli.
The mall is huge.
Twice the floor space as Franklin Park.
Two stories, as well.
We walked around and I didn't get anything.
Other than sushi.

Then we walked over to Barnes and Nobles.
I got three books.
The last Eragon book, the most recent Tamora Pierce book.
Also, there was an author sitting doing book signings.
She wrote a book about recipes.
There was a traditional Chinese dumpling recipe in there.
Guess what I'm making Mu for her birthday

We walked over to the pet store.
They didn't have cats.
What kind of pet store doesn't have cats?

We didn't get back to campus until after 4.
My phone died.
So I plugged it in.
Then it never turned back on.

So I called Verizon and the guys were really helpful.
They said they were going to send me a free upgrade.

And such was the legacy of my Droid 2 Global.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Survived my first two classes.
By which I mean my day was really awesome and classes were the boring part.
I had Music Theory then dance, if you were wondering.
Nothing too mentally taxing.

After lunch I went with Mollie to Brattleboro.
Upon arriving, there was a fortune tellers shop right outside the bus.
I couldn't find a funny picture about coincidences.
So here's some filler.

Anyway, Mollie and I went in the store.
There were tons of people in there.
So we left.
We walked a little ways and this old touristy man came up to us.
Mollie flipped out.
Not even gonna lie.
She thought he was gonna mug us or molest us or something.
Or he just wanted to know how to tighten the straps on the his new backpack.
Seriously, this man looked like a grandpa.
I don't think he could have done anything if he had wanted to.
Then Mollie warned me of all the weirdos in the town.
A little homey town 4% as big as Toledo.

I asked what her opinion on big cities were.

She said they made her uncomfortable.

I would suppose so.

We went to a little second hand shop and Mollie got some stuff for her grandparents.
I tried on a real WWII Sailor shirt.
But too small and too expensive.
The shirt was exactly like this guy's shirt.
I love this picture.
Absolutely timeless.

Then we headed out.
I was going to get sushi.
But I couldn't find the door to the restaurant.
That was embarrassing.
We started to walk back.
We stopped in a couple little stores.
Didn't find much.
Eventually we found this little indie shop.
They had reallly well priced buddha statues.
I got three for $4.

Then we headed back to the bus.
We stopped in the fortune tellers shop.
I asked how much a tarot card reading would cost and how long it would take.
She said $20 for 20 minutes.
I told her I had 5 minutes before my bus left.
She told me to call ahead next time.
She was very friendly though.

That night I went to Putney's coffee house.
It was legit.
Like people actually had to register before hand.
And it was free to get in.
And the acts were all tactful and mostly skillful.
I sat with Nicolas.

Afterwards, we walked back to our dorm buildings.
We talked about several book series and foreign countries.
As we were standing there talking BOOM shooting star right overhead.
A really bright one too.
Sooo pretty.
Then a few minutes later the international space station went over!
I'd only ever seen it once before!
It's so amazing.

By the time I got back to my room and finally fell asleep it was after 1am!
Long day!

Friday, November 11, 2011


I woke up this morning.
And I wasn't wearing pants.

No. I'm just kidding.
 That was a song I wrote for Music theory dedicated to Celine.
"Life is good if I'm not wearing pants".

So, I woke up this morning and I couldn't move my hand.
I mean, I just slept on it wrong.
It was fine.
But that's what woke me.
I was so confused.
My thought process:
Why won't my hand move??
Why is it so bright.....
What is that air raid siren for?

After looking at the time, it was 9:00am.
My roommates had not woken me up.
My alarm (cell phone) had run out of battery.
It somehow got unplugged in the night and died.
So I slept through history.
But the teacher is really chill.
He was cool with it.

So after class, or what was left of it, I came back to my room.
I hopped on facebook real quick to wish YiZhou happy birthday.
I sent the message at 11/11/11 at 11:11:11.
I had it down to the second.
Am I not awesome?

It was also Lily's birthday.
So I wished her a happy birthday as well.
Then it was time for sing.
Usually sing is on thursday, but this week it switched.
Assembly on Friday is 50 minutes.
They wanted to have sectionals for sing.
And let me tell you, it was phenomenal.
Even the people who are tone deaf and can't read music were doing pretty well.

Anyway, then I had music theory.
Good class.
As always.


Then dance.

Kitchen activity.

Kitchen activity is always fun.
I usually stand near Yan and Zora, two Chinese exchange students.
I try to listen in on their conversations.
They speak too fast.
And here, a quick lesson in the ways of the kitchen:

^^Common joke at school.

Anyway, then I had some free time before dinner.
I wrote Mu a letter and sent it.
And by letter, I do mean snail mail.
First letter I've written in ages. ha.

Then freee.
Fun fun.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Pretty usual day.
Nothing too interesting.

Music Theory.
James was almost 15 minutes late.
If the teacher is 15 minutes late to class, you can leave.
But he got there at about 13 minutes.

Then I had Dance.


Everyone else in class had a test today.
So I sat in the math office and worked on the assignments.
I'm almost caught up with the rest of the class.

Then I had yoga.
Still an hour and 35 minutes
But today I showed everyone my poi.

Then free till dinner.
Choir right after.

I haven't posted any funny pictures yet.
So I'll throw in one at the end.

While brows-ing, I found this:

I love Bohemian Rhapsody.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


"Today" was a half day.
And by "today", I mean I'm posting this on Monday.
But Wednesday was a half day.

I had precalc first.
Math always makes my day better

Then I had history
This picture makes me miss history class
And Dylan eating throughout it.

After history, class was over.
So I decided to go into Putney to get some more Nutella and rice crackers.

Anyway, I waited outside with a group of freshman guys for about 45 minutes.
Then found out there wasn't enough room for all of us.
So they gave me a candy bar and a girl from my dorm got my snacks for me.
Then I was free for the afternoon.
After dinner I went to orchestra.
Suzy wasn't there.
She's the Chinese girl I had hung out with the week before.
Orchestra lasts till 9:30
So I went back to my dorm and went to bed.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


My last post had a lack of cool pictures.
So here's a clip of Harry Potter Mean Girls:

Today was WORK DAY.
Work Day is like Work Day Play Day...
Without the play...

Anyway, I was on the team that was painting our dorm common room.
It was a lot of work.
Moving sofas.
Moving EVERYTHING outside.
Cleaning the floor.
Which was nasty.
But, once we finished it looked nice.
But we worked from 8:30 to 2:30 just to paint that one room.
Other jobs were working in the barn with cows.
Or raking leaves or stacking wood.
I think I lucked out.

Then I had a free period before dinner.
After which I went to Celtic music class.
We played Swallow Tail Jig! wooo!
On the topic of Celtic music...
Here's what I would look like if I played bagpipes:

Then I went back to my room and slept!
Good day all in all.

Monday, November 7, 2011


Pretty busy day.
Not too much happened.

I had a long precalc class in the morning
Precalc always makes my day good.

Then assembly.
Assembly is just like MV's assembly
But longer

American Studies


Music Theory.

See, not much during the day.

Then I had yoga.
I'm getting stretchier!
I can almost touch my toes :)

Then I came back to my room.
 A lot of people had afternoon activities.
So I watched the newest episode of Once Upon a Time
Ahhh. So good!

At dinner one of the Korean students asked me if I was coming to choir.
He's very nice. Hak Kyung
I think he's the only senior I've met and talked to.

I was way early for choir so I practiced my poi for a while.

But mine aren't that cool.
Then Hak Kyung and I set up the chairs.
James Wallace (the teacher) had to leave early so we got to have sectionals.
The altos sat around for a while then left.
Hak Kyung was the only tenor so I sat and talked with him until class was over.
He's from Seoul.
I want to go back there some day.

Then I came back to my room and went to sleep.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


It's Suuuuuuunday

I got to sleep in :)


Anyway, by the time I finally moseyed out of bed,
~Aren't 1 and 2 antonyms?~

it was about 11 or so.
Went about cleaning the dorms for the inspection at 12:00.
Made my bed for the first time ^_^
This is what my bed looks like:
(Doesn't matter if I'm at home or away)

Well, once the room was clean I relaxed and worked on some stuff
This image came up for "Pretending to do homework" on google
I don't know what it says.
Doesn't matter what it says. They're adorable.

Although, it looks more like eating tofu than not doing homework.

Anyway, after not doing homework (or whatever it was),
I went with Isobel
(Short introduction #3:
Freshmen girl in my dorm.
German citizen, grew up in SanFran)
to Putney for the afternoon.
We went to the Co-op.
The Co-op is an expensive, organic-y store.
They had some cheap nuts though.
I got a bag of cashews and walnuts for less than $5.
I also got a pack of spaghetti noodles, Nutella, and rice crackers.
Then we walked to Swirl.
Swirl is a misnomer of great proportions.
I had been expecting an ice cream shop.
Instead, it happens to be a thrift store.
I was not disappointed though.
I got a little Aladdin doll :D
Made my day. BUT!
It gets better.
I found a mao hat.
Like one of the legit ones.

But without the star.
I was so excited.
In my three weeks in some of the largest cities in China,
I DID NOT find one of these.
In my first week in a New England town of 2,000 people,
I find one at a thrift store.

Anyway, Isobel and I walked back to the Co-op.
We, plus an Asian couple, were the only ones left.
Everyone else had gone back.
So we waited till a little after 4 for the bus.
Then I came back to my room and ate some of my snacks

Isobel decided to pierce one of her ears.
I had to squeeze her hand.
Another girl in the dorm put a needle through the selected ear.
With ice behind it.
I don't really know.
I couldn't look.
I went back to my room.
It had gotten late really fast.
So I went to bed.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Finally the weekend!
But oh, wait.
It's like China
School on Saturday.
Plus side, we sleep in!
fifteen minutes...
It is only a half day though
^^Actual plus side.

First I had music theory.
Good class.
It lasted an hour and a half, of course.

Milk lunch~

My next class was dance.
Again, good class.
Another 1.5 hour class.

After that I was freeeee

I had lunch, then Suli and I signed up for a trip.
We went on a 40 minute bus ride to North Hampton, MA.
Cool little town.
We walked all over.
We passed a fortune teller's house.

There was a sign that said, "free palm readings"
She told me in my past life I was a dog.
You see this mark on my neck?

No, I'm totally kidding.
The cheapest reading was $10 for a "personality" reading.
I can take one of those online for free.
The cheapest "legit" reading
(as legit as fortune telling can be, that is)
was $20-$30.
So Suli and I left, very disappointed.
Oh, the lady did have an AMAZING giant buddha statue.
Like this, but the size of a table.

Then we went to Dunkin' Donuts.
Why do they spell it wrong?
I got a hazelnut flavoured hot chocolate.
Suli got.. OH!
I haven't introduced you to Suli yet.
His name is Suliman. He's a freshmen.
Very friendly.
Anyway, he had like $4 left.
He ordered a coffee.
He asked the lady how many of those mini doughnuts he could get.
She gave him the rest for free! like 20 of  them!
Said it was a student discount!
So nice.
Then we ran into Rohan.
(Short introduction)
Rohan is a freshman guy. Indian.
Julia would be happy.
He looks like Deepers.

Anyway, I got an eight pack of mini cokes.
like the little one

Then I met Rohan's roommate.
Also known as Harry Bao.
He's from Shanghai! Yay!
We talked the whole bus ride back about the world expo.
I made a friend

Anyway, we got back late.
And I relaxed and enjoyed my soda pop

Friday, November 4, 2011


Woke up late as usual.
Skipped breakfast and ran to history.
History lasted for an hour and a half.
I can't focus that long.
Especially when it's history.

Milk lunch.

Then we had assembly.
Everyone had to sign up for their winter electives.
I had a half hour free while they were doing that.
Then an hour long free period.
During which I watched Doctor Who.
Almost done with season two.
Would have finished, but I know what happens to the lead girl.
And I don't want to be sad.

Then I had music theory.
We were in two teams.
The team I was on won. 5 to -1.
I switched to the other team.
My new team won. 4 to -2.
I own that class. Sometimes.


I had dance then for an hour.
So exhausting.

Kitchen duty.
I helped prepare lasagna.
The sauce looked like this:

I didn't eat any for dinner. I had other stuff.

Then I was free for the rest of the evening!

I feel like the beginning of this is too dull without pictures.
So sad.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


I was yelled at for making this blog too, umm....
Well, making it the way I usually make things.

Anyway, so thursday was my first music theory class
I skipped breakfast again.
I hate breakfast.

Music theory is good.
I own that class.
I know my chords and such.

Then we had milk lunch, same old same old.

Then we had sing.
That's where the whole school gets together and sings songs.
It's not as lame as it sounds.
It would be super lame at MV because no one would be into it.
Everyone at Putney is super enthusiastic.
We sang Molihua, some Russian song and a bunch of other songs.
It was fun.
I accidentally sat in the bass section.
Then the sopranos.
FINALLY I found the altos.

Then I had a free period.
So I hung out.
Didn't do much.

Next I had Academic, or Modern, Dance.
It's a work out. I'm always sweating like crazy.

Went from dance to lunch.

Then I had precalc.
Everyone else had a test, so I just hung out in my room and worked on it.

After that the school day was over.
I had yoga. For an hour and thirty five minutes.
Crazy long.
What I felt like:

What I actually looked like:

After Yoga, I was free till dinner.
Then I had madrigals.
We're singing a really pretty song in french.
No idea what it's called.
But their choir is incredible.

Then I came back to my room and went to bed.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Usually Punctual

See? On time...
Okay. So today is the 4th. But I'm not that far behind...
I'll just use something fancy. Like this:

Or I don't know... Maybe this

There. All better. Punctual. If only I could do that in real life. Anyway, onto my day.

Let's see... Wednesday...

Ah, yes. Here we are then.

I had an hour and a half long precalc class first thing in the morning.
I was happy. I understood what they were doing.
Tuesday hadn't gone as well.

Then we had assembly. They announced my arrival and made me stand.
I was a little embarrassed, but oh well.
I still have people come up and ask me if I've gone to school here all year.

Then I had lunch.

And guess what? I was free. The whole rest of the day.
Went to dinner at 6-ish.

I did have orchestra from 7:30-9:00. But it wasn't that bad.

Then I went to bed early.

Not too exciting, eh?

You only read these for the pictures, don't you?

Fine. Here's one for you then.
Have fun trying to sleep after seeing this.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


So... I forgot to post yesterday. This is my yesterday post.

So I got here around 1pm. Lots of snow. But the cold felt pretty good.
A girl showed me around campus and took me to see my adviser.
My adviser is nice. She sorted out my schedule. She likes Dr. Who.
She has a candy jar that looks like this.

I waited around till my roommates got out of class.
That was at 3. My roommates are Alonda (from Laos) and Mollie.
They're really nice. They're freshmen.
Then I went with Mollie to yoga. That was fun.
I went down to the music area and got a locker to keep my violin in.
Then I went to "Madrigals" aka choir.
Went to dinner. It was pretty good.
Then I went back to my room and talked to my roommates for a while.
I also watched the most recent episode of Once Upon a Time.
He's adorable.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Too much candy. It's not even Halloween and I've had too much candy.
I'm pretty much all packed now. Started my blog early.
I'll miss everyone here. But in the mean time,
Are you my Mummy?

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Why "A Smear in Time", you ask?

A teacher told me this year, "If you get a paper back with a coffee stain on it, it means I really like it."

Well, take it as you will. 
I love this "great big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff".  
But whatever you do, DON'T BLINK.