Saturday, November 5, 2011


Finally the weekend!
But oh, wait.
It's like China
School on Saturday.
Plus side, we sleep in!
fifteen minutes...
It is only a half day though
^^Actual plus side.

First I had music theory.
Good class.
It lasted an hour and a half, of course.

Milk lunch~

My next class was dance.
Again, good class.
Another 1.5 hour class.

After that I was freeeee

I had lunch, then Suli and I signed up for a trip.
We went on a 40 minute bus ride to North Hampton, MA.
Cool little town.
We walked all over.
We passed a fortune teller's house.

There was a sign that said, "free palm readings"
She told me in my past life I was a dog.
You see this mark on my neck?

No, I'm totally kidding.
The cheapest reading was $10 for a "personality" reading.
I can take one of those online for free.
The cheapest "legit" reading
(as legit as fortune telling can be, that is)
was $20-$30.
So Suli and I left, very disappointed.
Oh, the lady did have an AMAZING giant buddha statue.
Like this, but the size of a table.

Then we went to Dunkin' Donuts.
Why do they spell it wrong?
I got a hazelnut flavoured hot chocolate.
Suli got.. OH!
I haven't introduced you to Suli yet.
His name is Suliman. He's a freshmen.
Very friendly.
Anyway, he had like $4 left.
He ordered a coffee.
He asked the lady how many of those mini doughnuts he could get.
She gave him the rest for free! like 20 of  them!
Said it was a student discount!
So nice.
Then we ran into Rohan.
(Short introduction)
Rohan is a freshman guy. Indian.
Julia would be happy.
He looks like Deepers.

Anyway, I got an eight pack of mini cokes.
like the little one

Then I met Rohan's roommate.
Also known as Harry Bao.
He's from Shanghai! Yay!
We talked the whole bus ride back about the world expo.
I made a friend

Anyway, we got back late.
And I relaxed and enjoyed my soda pop

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