Thursday, November 3, 2011


I was yelled at for making this blog too, umm....
Well, making it the way I usually make things.

Anyway, so thursday was my first music theory class
I skipped breakfast again.
I hate breakfast.

Music theory is good.
I own that class.
I know my chords and such.

Then we had milk lunch, same old same old.

Then we had sing.
That's where the whole school gets together and sings songs.
It's not as lame as it sounds.
It would be super lame at MV because no one would be into it.
Everyone at Putney is super enthusiastic.
We sang Molihua, some Russian song and a bunch of other songs.
It was fun.
I accidentally sat in the bass section.
Then the sopranos.
FINALLY I found the altos.

Then I had a free period.
So I hung out.
Didn't do much.

Next I had Academic, or Modern, Dance.
It's a work out. I'm always sweating like crazy.

Went from dance to lunch.

Then I had precalc.
Everyone else had a test, so I just hung out in my room and worked on it.

After that the school day was over.
I had yoga. For an hour and thirty five minutes.
Crazy long.
What I felt like:

What I actually looked like:

After Yoga, I was free till dinner.
Then I had madrigals.
We're singing a really pretty song in french.
No idea what it's called.
But their choir is incredible.

Then I came back to my room and went to bed.

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