Monday, November 7, 2011


Pretty busy day.
Not too much happened.

I had a long precalc class in the morning
Precalc always makes my day good.

Then assembly.
Assembly is just like MV's assembly
But longer

American Studies


Music Theory.

See, not much during the day.

Then I had yoga.
I'm getting stretchier!
I can almost touch my toes :)

Then I came back to my room.
 A lot of people had afternoon activities.
So I watched the newest episode of Once Upon a Time
Ahhh. So good!

At dinner one of the Korean students asked me if I was coming to choir.
He's very nice. Hak Kyung
I think he's the only senior I've met and talked to.

I was way early for choir so I practiced my poi for a while.

But mine aren't that cool.
Then Hak Kyung and I set up the chairs.
James Wallace (the teacher) had to leave early so we got to have sectionals.
The altos sat around for a while then left.
Hak Kyung was the only tenor so I sat and talked with him until class was over.
He's from Seoul.
I want to go back there some day.

Then I came back to my room and went to sleep.

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