Sunday, November 6, 2011


It's Suuuuuuunday

I got to sleep in :)


Anyway, by the time I finally moseyed out of bed,
~Aren't 1 and 2 antonyms?~

it was about 11 or so.
Went about cleaning the dorms for the inspection at 12:00.
Made my bed for the first time ^_^
This is what my bed looks like:
(Doesn't matter if I'm at home or away)

Well, once the room was clean I relaxed and worked on some stuff
This image came up for "Pretending to do homework" on google
I don't know what it says.
Doesn't matter what it says. They're adorable.

Although, it looks more like eating tofu than not doing homework.

Anyway, after not doing homework (or whatever it was),
I went with Isobel
(Short introduction #3:
Freshmen girl in my dorm.
German citizen, grew up in SanFran)
to Putney for the afternoon.
We went to the Co-op.
The Co-op is an expensive, organic-y store.
They had some cheap nuts though.
I got a bag of cashews and walnuts for less than $5.
I also got a pack of spaghetti noodles, Nutella, and rice crackers.
Then we walked to Swirl.
Swirl is a misnomer of great proportions.
I had been expecting an ice cream shop.
Instead, it happens to be a thrift store.
I was not disappointed though.
I got a little Aladdin doll :D
Made my day. BUT!
It gets better.
I found a mao hat.
Like one of the legit ones.

But without the star.
I was so excited.
In my three weeks in some of the largest cities in China,
I DID NOT find one of these.
In my first week in a New England town of 2,000 people,
I find one at a thrift store.

Anyway, Isobel and I walked back to the Co-op.
We, plus an Asian couple, were the only ones left.
Everyone else had gone back.
So we waited till a little after 4 for the bus.
Then I came back to my room and ate some of my snacks

Isobel decided to pierce one of her ears.
I had to squeeze her hand.
Another girl in the dorm put a needle through the selected ear.
With ice behind it.
I don't really know.
I couldn't look.
I went back to my room.
It had gotten late really fast.
So I went to bed.

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