Saturday, November 12, 2011


Survived my first two classes.
By which I mean my day was really awesome and classes were the boring part.
I had Music Theory then dance, if you were wondering.
Nothing too mentally taxing.

After lunch I went with Mollie to Brattleboro.
Upon arriving, there was a fortune tellers shop right outside the bus.
I couldn't find a funny picture about coincidences.
So here's some filler.

Anyway, Mollie and I went in the store.
There were tons of people in there.
So we left.
We walked a little ways and this old touristy man came up to us.
Mollie flipped out.
Not even gonna lie.
She thought he was gonna mug us or molest us or something.
Or he just wanted to know how to tighten the straps on the his new backpack.
Seriously, this man looked like a grandpa.
I don't think he could have done anything if he had wanted to.
Then Mollie warned me of all the weirdos in the town.
A little homey town 4% as big as Toledo.

I asked what her opinion on big cities were.

She said they made her uncomfortable.

I would suppose so.

We went to a little second hand shop and Mollie got some stuff for her grandparents.
I tried on a real WWII Sailor shirt.
But too small and too expensive.
The shirt was exactly like this guy's shirt.
I love this picture.
Absolutely timeless.

Then we headed out.
I was going to get sushi.
But I couldn't find the door to the restaurant.
That was embarrassing.
We started to walk back.
We stopped in a couple little stores.
Didn't find much.
Eventually we found this little indie shop.
They had reallly well priced buddha statues.
I got three for $4.

Then we headed back to the bus.
We stopped in the fortune tellers shop.
I asked how much a tarot card reading would cost and how long it would take.
She said $20 for 20 minutes.
I told her I had 5 minutes before my bus left.
She told me to call ahead next time.
She was very friendly though.

That night I went to Putney's coffee house.
It was legit.
Like people actually had to register before hand.
And it was free to get in.
And the acts were all tactful and mostly skillful.
I sat with Nicolas.

Afterwards, we walked back to our dorm buildings.
We talked about several book series and foreign countries.
As we were standing there talking BOOM shooting star right overhead.
A really bright one too.
Sooo pretty.
Then a few minutes later the international space station went over!
I'd only ever seen it once before!
It's so amazing.

By the time I got back to my room and finally fell asleep it was after 1am!
Long day!

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